Bridal ArtcareShop

ArtcareShop has very special brides. One day in a hoodie, another in the most luxurious designer dress, with the goal of being easy, comfy and badass all the time. We at ArtcareShop totally understand it: we are all in comfy streetwear style but also appreciate a one of a kind flawless dress, especially on the most special day of our lives, the wedding day.
The lack of unique, modern and not mass produced bridal garments with character lead us to creating a brand new ArtcareShop department - Artcare Bridal - for brides who are ready to shine in a true work of art designer dress and... hit different. Blow the crowd out of the water. Make your besties scream "B*TCH WHAT". Make the groom bawl. Feel the happiest and most badass in a dress made just for you.
At Artcare we are dedicated to bringing the most unique handmade bridal outfits to Michigan. We are focusing on three main types of outfits: classy A-line dresses, extra ballgowns and bold bridal suits. 
Fitting is by appointment only at Briarwood Mall. Our main store is closed, and the space will be available only for you. We are eager to provide a safe and judgment free space to shop (also feel free to show up in your fav hoodie and be cozy).  Our lounge area with fitting rooms and couches will fit your support group, and we will be right there for you with coffee and the photo studio ready to get some memorable pictures of you trying THE ONE DRESS for the first time. 
ArtcareShop is an art gallery in the full meaning of the word: we carry local art but also treat every garment equally - as a piece of art. We are honored and proud to be a part of your special day, bring you a one of a kind art dress and create forever lasting memory.
  • All the bridal dresses we have are handmade 
  • All the dresses are in urban minimalistic style
  • We used the best fabrics available on the market
  • Only one size is available of each dress
  • It's exclusive - no-one ever will have a similar dress
  • ArtCareShop is connecting every bride with the best tailor in Ann Arbor to get the best fit