At ArtcareShop, we’re committed to creating sustainable fashion built around zero waste clothing. We believe it’s essential not only to be fashion-forward but environmentally aware and proactive, which is why we take a comprehensive and contentious approach to sustainability in everything we do.

How do we do it?

There are many ways that we’re already transforming the way fashion is done, and we’re always on the lookout for more!

Slow Fashion

At ArtcareShop, we introduce only three styles a month with limited production. Every style that’s introduced undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure ultimate functionality, comfortability, fabric performance, and innovation.

We never overproduce our clothing to ensure that every product is sold and used, which is why you’ll rarely find discounts. We also don’t not do collections (never produce more than we need to), that’s why the base of the store is staying the same all year round with extra limited seasonal items. 

Zero Waste Clothing

99% of the clothing and styles we produce are sold in our retail store and wholesale. What doesn’t get sold is donated in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Yes, even our samples and prototypes are available for purchase for a lower price. Because here at ArtcareShop, we believe in zero waste, which means that every piece of clothing we make finds a home.

Fabric Choices

We focus on using organic, natural fabrics and source all of our materials with a higher % of cotton to ensure sustainability. For example, most of our clothing items contain 80-100% cotton fabric because it’s breathable, thick, durable, and incredibly soft on your skin.

One of our most popular fabric choices is a blend of 95% organic cotton and 5% polyester, and it’s so popular because it’s in every shirt we produce. The sourcing team at ArtcareShop is always searching for new green fabrics, and we’ve recently been transitioning to making clothing using hemp yarn: hemp/cotton blends, 100% hemp, hemp/recycled polyester, hemp jean fabric. We’re excited to bring our customers one of the newest green fabrics on the market - Sorona fabric (this material is a fabric made of corn) and EcoCosy – fabric made of wood cellulose.

We also have a comprehensive fabric portfolio consisting of cotton and polyester blends, velour, nylon, and spandex blends. We design and curate our fabric choices because we believe that you deserve a garment built to last, and every design for us starts with the right fabric choice.

Where we manufacture our clothing

ArtcareShop clothing is designed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and made in China. Our wedding dresses and pea coats are designed and made in Russia. While most of our jewelry is handmade in Korea. All of the candles and concrete candle cups are made in right here in Michigan.

Quality & Design

Our focus and priority are quality. We ensure every garment is built from choice fabric and constructed to last for years in your closet. 

We believe in comfortability, functionality, quality fabric, and simplified streetwear style – future of fashion.